John Muir Wilderness - Mott Lake - August 19, 2005 - Member Trip Report

Hike Name: John Muir Wilderness - Mott Lake
Country: United States
State: California
Trip Rating: 3 stars
Trip Date: August 19, 2005
Duration: 1 day
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Trail Traffic: Heavy
Trip Weather: Sunny
Trip Winds: Light
Trip Precipitation: None
Trip Temperature: High: 91-100, Low: 61-70 degrees Fahrenheit
Trip Report: Friday (8/19/05) – Waterdog and I had breakfast at the Vermillion Valley Resort this morning then walked down to the docks with The Camel for a 9am shuttle across Edison Lake. The pontoon boat was packed with both hikers and backpackers and it took us about 45 minutes to cross the lake. At the trailhead, The Camel and I cached a food/brew supply near a nice campsite on the ridge where we plan to camp on Saturday night. The Camel was an instant celebrity with his Coors 30 Pack (although most people didn't realize we weren't carrying it up the mountain).

By 10:15am, we were on the trail and made quick progress for the first 1.4 miles and 200' to the trail junction with the JMT/PCT. We took a quick break then hiked two more 1.4 mile sections gaining 500' then 600' respectively with a long lunch break at the Mono Creek spur trail. The altitude started to take its toll on us as we left the JMT/PCT and followed the Mott Lake Trail for 2.3 miles to 10,000 feet. Both Waterdog and I packed way too much food and gear and were lumbering up the mountain. The Camel was doing much better and broke away from us about half way to Mott Lake. (I guess we'll make him carry the five vegatables, chicken breasts and bear can on the next trip.) By 4pm, Waterdog and I were completely whiped and after two lengthy breaks we tried to convince The Camel via walkie-talkie's to come down to 9500' to camp in a meadow by the trail. He talked us into climbing the remaining 500', and after taking a long break about 0.2 miles from our campsite (due to an uncalibrated altimeter) we finally made it to a small site by the creek. Waterdog and I immediately laid out the thermarests and rested in the hot August sun. The Camel collected some firewood and was excited about being below treeline and in the "fires allowed" zone just below 10,000 feet. It was cool tonight, so the fire was a welcome addition to the campsite. We cooked some dinner, had some drinks, and watched the full moon slowly light up the ridges as it came over the mountains to the east. I was also able to get IPOD tunes through the Walkie Talkie for an hour tonight and we hung out until around midnight.



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