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Here are some other hiking and backpacking websites that may be useful for finding backcountry trails, services, or equipment.

Backcountry Services – These commercial organizations offer hikers and backpackers remote cabins and lodges, wilderness camps, trail hostels, guided services, etc. (ie.

Federal & State Government – These city, state and government websites are funded with tax payers money for the benefit of the hiking and backpacking community. (ie. The National Park Service)

Gear And Equipment – These vendor websites represent commercial gear and equipment manufacturers that provide products for the outdoor enthusiast. (ie. REI)

Information Services – These websites are both commercial and non-commercial in nature, but offer hikers and backpackers access to backcountry wilderness destinations, information and forums representing all U.S. and Canadian provinces. (ie.

International Websites – These international links are for all hiking and backpacking destinations outside of North America. (ie.

Other Hiking & Trekking Links – These vendor sites provide travel guides, trip insurance, and general information to assist you with your trip planning.

Regional Websites – These commercial and non-commercial websites are focused on a specific region in either the U.S. or Canada. (ie. Southeastern U.S.)

Trail Clubs – These non-profit organizations are responsible for the management and maintenance of major hiking and backpacking trails in the U.S. and Canada. (ie. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy) Note: Some outdoor enthusiast sites that are devoted to these trails are also included in these links, but all International clubs are omitted from this section and listed with the International Websites.


Other Hiking & Trekking Links

Travel Insurance for Backpackers

Climbing & Trekking Insurance Guide

Travel Insurance for Trekking & Hiking


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