Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions at If you have a problem, complaint, suggestion, or praise for the website, please follow this link to contact us.

Do I have to register to use
No you don’t have to register. Visitors at are still able to browse the website but they are unable to post hikes, photos, and trip reports and they do not earn points that are redeemable for outdoor products and services. ¬†Members do have these privileges and you can see a complete list of member benefits at this link, or you can register now and start benefiting from your account.¬†

I entered the correct member name and password, but I can’t get logged in to your website. What is the problem?

If you are sure you are using the correct member name and password, then you probably have a problem with your cookies. Go to Internet Explorer, “Tools”, then “Internet Options” and “Delete Cookies”. You might also want to hit the “Delete Files” tab while you are there. Then close out all your Internet Explorer browsers and try again. (This of course assumes you are using Internet Explorer … but you get the idea.) If you are not sure about your password, you can visit our feedback form or change your password by following this link.

Why can’t I upload my picture to my member profile?

It’s probably too big. Make sure that the image is less than 1 meg and you shouldn’t have any problem. It also needs to be in jpeg (also shown as JPG) format so check that too.

How can I change my user name, change or recover my password, cancel my account, etc.?

Follow this link to member services for more information.

My point total is incorrect. How can I fix it?
Log in using your Member Name and Password, hit the “Member List” tab, then look in the left column and click “My Home”. The points totals only update when you hit the “My Home” page.

Do you collect information on users when you take an order? Do you sell it?

No, does not sell your personal information. We do collect basic profile data on our members (including a user name, password, email address, etc.), but this information is used for internal purposes only and it is not shared with third parties. Please read the privacy statement for more details.

You may also see offers from third party vendors at Information provided to these vendors (ie. REI, Sierra Trading Post, Amazon, etc.) is delivered directly to their web servers and it is not under the control of Therefore our privacy statement does not apply to third party affiliates where a member requests their goods or services directly from them.

You have some nice pictures at your hikes. Can I use them on my website, or in an article I’m writing, or for a presentation I’m doing, etc.?
Since the content at is provided by our members, you must coordinate directly with them for any use of their photography which you found via this site. Just click the member name and send them an email. You can also review our copyright statement in the user agreement for more details.

How can I advertise on your site?
Follow this link to contact us and please include your contact information, marketing interest (ie. banner or text placement), and desired area for the placement or the target page for the ad.

Can I link to
Yes, and you do not need permission. You are welcome to use the following logos. Just right click on your mouse and “save picture as” to your computer …

Large Size (650 x 96)

Medium Size (382 x 63)

Small Size (199 x 33)

Will you link to my website?

Sure, as long as it relates to hiking and backpacking. Create a link to on your website, send us the link and we’ll reciprocate. We have to post these links manually so please give us a few weeks to list your site.

Here’s the link information: is an outdoor adventure website designed for the adventure hiker and backpacker. Members can set up an account and enter hikes, trip reports and trail photos and exchange information with other like-minded enthusiasts. These activities earn points which can be redeemed for a variety of outdoor products and services. So, visit today and set-up your free online account!