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Trail Club Websites For Hikers And Backpackers:  These non-profit organizations are responsible for the management and maintenance of major hiking and backpacking trails in the U.S. and Canada.  Note: Some outdoor enthusiast sites that are devoted to these trails are also included in these links, but all International clubs are omitted from this section and listed with the international websites.


ALDHA – Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association

ALDHA West – American Long Distance Hiker Association, western states

Appalachian Trail Conference – The official A.T. website.

The Appalachian Trail Home Page– An early source on the Internet for all that is the A.T.

Atlanta Outdoor Club – Outdoor activities in the Atlanta area.

AT Rohland – An Appalachian Trail trailhead and parking database with pictures from the trail.

Boy Scout Resources/Cub Scout Resources – A resource primarily for Scouts, but the site has useful information for anyone interested in hiking and backpacking.

Continental Divide Trail Alliance – The official C.D.T. website.

Dances With Marmots – The informational site for the book “Dances With Marmots”, an account of a 2650 mile through hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Ozark Trail – The Ozark Trail Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to finishing that vision: The Mission of the Ozark Trail Association is to develop, maintain, preserve, promote and protect the rugged, natural beauty of the Ozark Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail Association– The official P.C.T. website. – Dan “Wingfoot” Bruce’s website on anything and everything that is the Appalachian Trail. – Forums that focus on the Appalachian Trail with numerous photos from site members.


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