Redeem Points

Ready to redeem points at  Then follow these steps:

1. Confirm that you have enough points in your account. Login and check “your home page”.

2. Click to our vendors page for a complete list of participating partners and their current rewards and redemption rates.

3. Review our shipping policy (especially if you live outside of the United States.)

4. Review our user agreement which clearly states that reserves the right to adjust the member’s point balance for any content that is deemed of little value or use to our members and guests. You can follow this link for specific examples.

5. Go to the redemption process page and follow the instructions.

6. Allow two weeks for processing.

7. Receive an email confirmation that your request was processed. For electronic merchants, you will receive an email with a link to place your order. For other merchants, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery via U.S. Mail.

8. If you have any issues or delays in receiving your award, follow this link and contact us.