Member Points – Content Policy

Ready to redeem your points?  Check first to see how your content matches up.  Here are some real examples of submissions to but you will need Microsoft Word to view these links – so that the identities of these hikers are not exposed:

  1. Excellent Content – These hikes and trip reports offer the maximum number of photos, have a very useful trail map and possibly a profile map (loaded as a photo since there is no profile map button), and contain very well written and extremely detailed information.  Data related to the park, forest or wilderness and the trail itself is provided in the hike summary, and data related to the trip is in the member’s trip report.  Click these links for an example of an excellent member hike and an excellent member report.
  2. Good Content – These hikes and trip reports offer a decent number of photos (3-4 total), have a fairly legible and useful trail map, and contain well written and detailed information.  Click these links for an example of a good member hike and a good member report.
  3. Average Content – These hikes and trip reports offer an average number of photos (1-3 total), may or may not have a trail map, and contain some basic data and information.  Click these links for an example of an average member hike and an average member report.
  4. Below Average Content – These hikes and trip reports have no photos, no maps, are lacking specific directions or contact information or offer only a limited amount of text.  Click these links for an example of a below average member hike and a  below average member report.
  5. Poor Content – These hikes and trip reports have no photos, no maps, and hardly any written text.  Click these links for an example of a poor member hike and a poor member report.  If you have only a few things to say about a hike, it’s better to just post a quick comment.

In the interest of maintaining a high quality site for our members and guests – “poor or below average” content may be removed one month after the posting date if abandoned and not updated to meet the “average to excellent” standards of

Points in the “Average to Excellent” range are awarded full point value.  Points in the “Poor” to ” “Below Average” range are offered no value. reserves the right to adjust the member’s point balance for any content that is deemed of little value or use to our members and guests.  (For more details on this content policy please see our user agreement.)