Georgia Member Hikes

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  Name Difficulty Distance Rating Hiker
Cartecay River Cartecay River Moderate 3.40 miles 4 stars BirdShooter
Amicalola Falls Amicalola Falls Moderate to Difficult 1.50 miles 1 star BirdShooter
Turtle Hollow Turtle Hollow Moderate 1.40 miles 3 stars BirdShooter
Walk Up Trail Walk Up Trail Very Difficult 2.24 miles 5 stars rtew
Hog Pen Campsite Hog Pen Campsite Moderate to Difficult 3.00 miles 3 stars BirdShooter
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Moderate to Difficult 2.80 miles 4 stars BirdShooter
Bethel Creek Bethel Creek Moderate 2.20 miles 3 stars BirdShooter
Panther Creek Trail Panther Creek Trail No Answer 5.50 miles 5 stars Wouldsman
Backcountry Loop Backcountry Loop Easy 2.00 miles 3 stars BirdShooter
Rough Creek Rough Creek Moderate 1.20 miles 4 stars BirdShooter