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    A question from a friend:

    Shopping for a new tent. Probably 2 man. May consider 3 man if light enough. Will be taking son camping with cub scouts. Any recommendations?


    And my reply which may help others:

    Well dude, you have three boys – so I’d get a three-man ’cause you are likely to need the space. Go to this link at Backpacker – very handy


    You tell Backpacker.com what you want and it suggests a tent. I own a REI, North Face, Sierra Design, Eureka, MSR, and Coleman tent. No shit, I’m a gear junkie. Basically all serve different purposes by weight, price, room, etc. The link above will help you through the bullshit. What tent I like entirely depends on who I am with, how far I am hiking, and how long I’m out. Let me know what you pull the trigger on.


    If he is going to be car camping, then weight is not an issue and I agree. Go with at least a three man.
    I have the Copper Canyon 13×12 from Eureka and absolutely love it. They also have a 10×10, which would make a great family tent for Dad and three boys, while they’re small.

    Tree Top Flyer

    If weight is an issue, consider a tarp set up. I have an old Wal Mart setup for family camping that works well when car camping. For cheap as in FREE gear check out the Freecycle Network.


    Backpacker also has an annual gear guide – worth the subscription to the magazine just to get this in my opinion.


    Have a LOOK at Luxe Outdoors tents ..They are not well known on this side of the POND but they make excellent tents ,very famous in Japan,New Zealand and AU .. Personelly I love the Habitat for light weight tents but they make several sizes and designs of other tents ..If they are anywhere close to as good as my Habitat you can’t go wrong …Thinking about your 3 person problem and weight have a look at Twin Peaks with the net insert ..light weight and huge space


    The MSR Hubba Hubba is fairly lightweight for it’s size and may be worth a look. I have the one man version (Hubba) and have been very pleased with it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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