Shepard State Park - Palmetto Nature Trail - January 26, 2008 - Member Trip Report

Hike Name: Shepard State Park - Palmetto Nature Trail
Country: United States
State: Mississippi
Trip Rating: 1 star
Trip Date: January 26, 2008
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Trail Conditions: Poor
Trail Traffic: None
Trip Weather: Cloudy
Trip Winds: Light
Trip Precipitation: Showers
Trip Temperature: High: 51-60, Low: 41-50 degrees Fahrenheit
Trip Report: The Helmet and I had breakfast with Rozler in the casino restaurant this am, then headed back to the rooms to switch to hiking attire for the afternoon. Drove about 30 minutes to the nearby Shepard State Park by 1pm, and spent the next hour and a half trudging through an often swampy Palmetto Nature Trail that looped between a bayou in the back section of the park. On the hike, we found numerous artifacts from Hurricane Katrina that washed into the forest from the nearby community. They included photo albums, fishing gear, and even a large plastic dog house although many of the nearby houses were made of brick and seemed to have survived the storm. The nice lady at the visitor's center gave us a faded xerox copy of a trail map, and despite our bewilderment at times, it kept us on course for the trek. The final section of the loop was completely flooded out, however, and I found it easier to trudge through the shin deep water rather than bushwack with The Helmet. Both of us were glad to see the truck after the hike. Drove into the nearby Gautier for lunch at a KFC after the walk, then headed back to the Beau Rivage by 4pm.


The Helmet

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