Pokagon State Park - Lake Lonidaw Loop - January 31, 2008 - Member Trip Report

Hike Name: Pokagon State Park - Lake Lonidaw Loop
Country: United States
State: Indiana
Trip Rating: 4 stars
Trip Date: January 31, 2008
Duration: 45 minutes
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Trail Traffic: None
Trip Weather: Cloudy
Trip Winds: Light to Moderate
Trip Precipitation: Snow
Trip Temperature: High: 31-40, Low: 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit
Trip Report: Left the hotel for a 9am meeting this morning in Angola, and it lasted just over an hour. The discussions went well, but the company is not looking to sell at this time. Pokagon State Park shared an exit off I-69 with the company, so it was a short drive to the trailhead where I had an opportunity to log my first hike in Indiana. The temps were cold and it was snowing lightly, but once I put on a hat, gloves, and coat, the weather was pretty tolerable. Hiked a 1.3 mile loop starting at the Potawatomi Inn using Trails #3 and #6 with views of Lake Lonidaw, James, and Charles West on the route. The leafless trees and a ridge running on Trail #6 provided excellent winter time views - especially of Lake Lonidaw which is a kettle lake. It was formed when a glacier retreated and dropped a chunk of large ice. At 30 feet in depth, it is deeper than most lakes of this size. Finished the hike in about 45 minutes and really enjoyed it, then headed to the South Bend airport to catch (or attempt to catch) a 12:30pm flight.



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