Sweetwater Creek State Park - Red/Blue Loop - June 1, 2008 - Member Trip Report

Hike Name: Sweetwater Creek State Park - Red/Blue Loop
Country: United States
State: Georgia
Trip Rating: 4 stars
Trip Date: June 1, 2008
Duration: 2 hours
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Trail Traffic: Moderate
Trip Weather: Sunny, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy
Trip Winds: Light
Trip Precipitation: None
Trip Temperature: High: 71-80, Low: 71-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Trip Report: Called Cardiac this morning and confirmed that he was game for a day-hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Norway was also scheduled to join us and I met both of them at Cardiac’s house in Powder Springs before the hike. Left North Atlanta with black skies to the north and a weather.com forecast that looked terrible. North Atlanta did get crushed with thunderstorms, but somehow we missed them at Sweetwater Creek State Park. We hiked a three mile route today under mostly sunny skies and combined the red and blue trails to loop back to the trailhead. There were outstanding views along the creek, but none to be seen once we hit the blue trail. A newly built visitor’s center is located just off the blue trail a short distance from the trailhead. We stopped for a look at the old mill (before it was burned during the Civil War) and to grab some cold drinks, then drove to a nearby Johnny’s Pizza for lunch.



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