Flint Ridge State Memorial - Member Hike

Hike Name: Flint Ridge State Memorial
Country: United States
State: Ohio
Nearby Town: Newark
Rating: 4 stars
Directions: Flint Ridge is four miles north of I-70, three miles north of Brownsville, in Licking County, at the intersection of County Roads 668 and 312 (Flint Ridge Rd.). Exit eastbound I-70 at State Route 668 and westbound I-70 at exit 142. Flint Ridge is approximately 3 miles north of Brownsville.
Total Hike Distance: 1.30 miles
Hike Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Permit Required: No
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Starts/Ends: Parking Area
Trails Used: Flint Ridge Creek Trail
Backcountry Campsites: No
Backcountry Water Sources: Streams
Management: State Forest Service
Contact Information: Flint Ridge State Memorial
7091 Brownsville Road, S.E.
Glenford, OH 43739

Mailing Address
Flint Ridge
c/o B. Weaver
3800 Pleasant Chapel Rd . SE
Newark, Ohio 43056
1-800-752-2602 (toll free)
Best Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Users: Hikers, Dogs
Road Conditions: Primary Paved Roads, Secondary Paved Roads
Hike Summary: Flint Ridge is a nearly eight-mile long vein of high-quality flint located in the Licking and Muskingum counties of eastern Ohio. Hundreds of quarry pits and workshop sites are scattered across more than 2,000 acres of ridgetop in these Appalachian foothills, and it has been called the "Great Indian Quarry of Ohio. The ancient people of Ohio came to get flint for both tools and weapons in this area, and the flint was found as far away as Florida and Kansas once traded by these ancient people.
Flint Ridge State Memorial has two trails that wind past the flint quarry pits. The 1.5 mile hike starts across from a field near the picnic area in the park. Follow the trail heading south and into the woods and turn east to begin the loop. The path winds through a hardwood forest then turns west, crosses some streams, and takes you to the quarry pits a short distance from the museum. A large wooden Indian greets you at the end of the trail as you reach the building. Continue about 50 yards, then return to your car at the picnic area. This is a fairly easy hike suitable for kids and adults of all ages.



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