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I am a: Hiker/Backpacker - I enjoy both hiking and backpacking and have no preference
I go hiking: Three or four times per year
I usually go on hikes that are: Moderate to Difficult
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sylva, NC
Country: United States
State: North Carolina
City: Charlotte
Postal Code/ZIP: 28288
My Best Hike: Angels Landing, Zion National Park, UT
Best Hike Description: Hit the 3+ mile trail head at daybreak with a couple friends. Climbed 1488" feet in less than an hour. We had the whole "landing" to ourselves before heading back down an hour later. We realized how smart we were to attack the mtn. so early as we passed at least 50 hikers on the way down. To get the the top, we had to cross narrow sandstone ridges with 1000 foot dropoffs on each side. Not the trail for folks afraid of heights. Panoramic Veiws of Zion Valley and the Narrows, which we had ventured up the previous day...another must hike in Zion.
My Worst Hike: None** (notice the asterick)
Worst Hike Description: I've cussed on many hikes in my time, most recently the absent minded decision to hike to Cottonwood campground from the N. Rim at the Grand Canyon and back in less than 24 hours-- 4100 foot elevation drop! But would never classify this as a "worst hike". Perhaps this section should be called most "painful" hike.
A Memorable Trail Moment: Danali National Park, AK. Couple freinds and I spent 3 dreary days of rain, drizzle and fog at Wonder Lake campground when suddenly the skys opened up and Danali, or as the Native Alaskan's call it--Mt. McKinlay, was staring us right in the face. What a mountain, what a moment.
Dumbest Trail Move: I've done many dumb things in all my adventures... I'll just keep those to myself...

rwallace's Hikes

  Name Country State/Province/Region Difficulty Distance Rating
Kilauea Iki Kilauea Iki United States Hawaii Easy to Moderate 3.00 miles 4 stars
Glacier National Park-- Two medicine to Cutbank Creek Glacier National Park-- Two medicine to Cutbank Creek United States Montana Moderate to Difficult 25.00 miles 5 stars
Kalalua Trail Kalalua Trail United States Hawaii Very Difficult 23.00 miles 5 stars
Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest United States North Carolina Easy to Moderate 2.00 miles 4 stars
Forney Creek Forney Creek United States North Carolina Moderate 6.00 miles 4 stars
Stratton Bald Stratton Bald United States North Carolina Extremely Difficult 5.00 miles 4 stars

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