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Name: Bam-Bam
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1,950 points
I am a: Backpacker - I prefer backpacking over hiking
I go hiking: Once per month
I usually go on hikes that are: Moderate to Difficult
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Snellville, Ga
Country: United States
State: Georgia
City: Snellville
Postal Code/ZIP: 30039
Biography: Hike moslty in the Southeast region GA,NC,SC,TN.
My Best Hike: Cohutta Wilderness, Georgia
Best Hike Description: Beautiful Summer Hike that had many Stream Crossings, which were very nice in the summer heat.
My Worst Hike: Springer Mountain Approach Trail
Worst Hike Description: RAIN!, COLD!. A Friend and I Hiked This train in Early March, The rain was unforgiving, and it was unseasonably cold, When we arrived at the Springer Mt. Shelter there was no room which for us sowe were forced to set up a tent in the driving rain, out of pure stupidy and eagerness to escape the rain, I did not attach the rain fly properly to my tent, which led to a very wet, all night long Experience. The latter Morning I burned all of My oatmeal on My new Titanium pot, so I was left starving for a meal. After 3 hours of hiking back to the car in a down pour we found a Zaxby's and ate one of the most satisfying meals ever.
A Memorable Trail Moment: Seeing family of bears in the Cohuttas, frightening, but releiving after eluding a attack
Dumbest Trail Move: See Worst Hike
Trails That I Want To Hike: AT PCT CDT National Parks Alps Patagonia Kilimanjaro Canadian Rockies

Bam-Bam's Hikes

  Name Country State/Province/Region Difficulty Distance Rating
Bartram Trail Bartram Trail United States Georgia Moderate 15.00 miles 3 stars
Blood Mt. Blood Mt. United States Georgia Moderate 2.40 miles 2 stars
Shining Rock Wilderness Shining Rock Wilderness United States North Carolina Difficult 24.00 miles 3 stars
Cohutta Wilderness Cohutta Wilderness United States Georgia Moderate 19.00 miles 3 stars

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