The Badger's Head Trail - Member Hike

Hike Name: The Badger's Head Trail
Country: Australia
Region: Tasmania
Nearby Town: Devonport
Rating: 1 star
Directions: Walking for more than three or four hours in a day has been a rare occurrence in my life. Yesterday I walked for more than three and a half hours for, arguably, the forth time in my life. I say "arguably" because when one gets into late adulthood and early years of life get a little hazy in some respects. I tried to recall the other times: Wittenoom in the Hammersley Range in 1986/7? Algonguin Park in 1970/1? Perhaps in Burlington in southern Ontario when I was growing up, say, about 1962/3?

Yesterday my wife Chris, Daniel my son and my wife's sister, Barbara, walked from Badger's Head to Little Badger's Head on a cold windy day near the end of winter.
-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, 19 August 2001.

The true subject of serious poetry
is, for me, not current events,
ongoing wars or political issues,
but the expression, the definition,
the description of my home
which flows from my experience,
imagination, memory, comprehension,
the arc of my life with its warps, gaps,
gasps of enthusiasm and concern,
a respect for my human trajectory
lapping as it does the years
of a new millennium,
one of history's climacterics.

There has been a growing confidence
in my ability as the millennium approached,
an assurance which defended me
against a distant indifference,
a gathering faith in my talent,
regularity and self-ordered patterns
and creativity finally and sharply
focused on the creative word.
Total Hike Distance: 12.00 kilometers
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Permit Required: No
Hike Type: One-Way, Shuttle Hike
Hike Starts: 11 am
Hike Ends: 2:30 pm
Trails Used: well worn ones
Backcountry Campsites: No
Backcountry Water Sources: Streams
Management: None
Contact Information: We all live in the area and nocontact with officialdom was required.
Best Season: Winter
Users: Hikers
Road Conditions: Secondary Paved Roads
Hike Summary: Do later



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