Cucamonga Peak - Member Hike

Hike Name: Cucamonga Peak
Country: United States
State: California
Nearby Town: Mt. Baldy
Rating: 4 stars
Directions: From the 210 Fwy take Exit 52 (E Baseline Rd [Route 30]). Head West on E Baseline Rd, travel 0.2 mi and turn right (North) on to Padua Ave. Travel for 1.8 mi and turn right (East) on to Mt Baldy Rd. Take Mt. Baldy Rd for 8.8 mi (Note: At 7.5 mi you will cross over a small bridge). Mt Baldy Road makes a sharp turn to the left at 8.8 mi, you continue straight on to Icehouse Canyon Rd. The hiking parking lot is about 100 yards up the road on the left (North).

Very important: You will need both an adventure pass and a Cucamonga Wilderness permit (no fee permit). This is somewhat of a popular trailhead for several hikes, so on Saturdays I suggest getting here before 8am.
Total Hike Distance: 12.00 miles
Hike Difficulty: Difficult
Permit Required: No
Hike Type: In and Out, Backtrack Hike
Hike Starts/Ends: Icehouse Canyon Rd Parking Area
Trails Used: Icehouse Canyon Trail
Backcountry Campsites: Yes
Backcountry Water Sources: Streams, Springs
Management: U.S. Forest Service
Contact Information: For Cucamonga Wilderness Permit Contact:
Angeles National Forest Ranger Station
Mt. Baldy Visitor Center
(N34 14' 12.9" W117 39' 29.6")
P.O. Box 592
Mt. Baldy, CA 91759
Phone (909) 982-2829 (visitor info.)
(909) 982-2879 (educational)
FAX: (909) 931-7130
Best Season: Summer, Fall
Users: Hikers, Dogs
Road Conditions: Primary Paved Roads, Secondary Paved Roads
Hike Summary: Total Ascent: 4300’

The trail from the parking area up to Cucamonga Peak is pretty easy to follow, so I will be brief in trail details. Head East from the parking area and head towards the Icehouse Saddle (3.5 miles). From the saddle take the trail heading Southeast toward Cucamonga Peak. The trail is easy to follow, but does some descending (maybe 300-400’) and then rises to another small saddle. Continue on and you will find quite a few long switchbacks that alternate from generally shady to full sun. Near the top (around 5.7-5.8 mi) the trail becomes difficult to find, but don’t give up you are almost to the top and have only 400’ of vertical remaining.
This hike is well worth the effort.

The views from the top look out Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and to the west you can see (even on a hazy day) all the way to Mount Wilson. Also, if you look to the Northeast you can see the 15 Fwy where it does it’s steep climb heading to the Cajon Pass. On our hike (May 10, 2008) we had to hike over portions of the trail still covered in snow (approximately 600 linear feet of snow covered trail). In some of the snow crossings my leg punched through up to my waist so be prepared with proper footwear, poles, and gloves if you tackle this trail in winter or spring. This is a great hike and I plan on doing it again (hopefully soon).

Note: If you want to add some extra miles to this hike you can take the Chapman Trail. It connects to the Icehouse Trail at 2 points and will add about 1.7 miles to your journey each way (total 3.4 miles if used in both in and out trips).



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