Argentina Canyon - White Mountain Wilderness - Member Hike

Hike Name: Argentina Canyon - White Mountain Wilderness
Country: United States
State: New Mexico
Nearby Town: Ruidoso
Rating: 3 stars
Directions: Take New Mexico 48 north out of Ruidoso to Forest Road 107 and turn left. Drive to the end of the road. FR 107 ends approximately 5 miles past the turn-off to South Fork Campground.
Total Hike Distance: 12.00 miles
Hike Difficulty: Difficult
Permit Required: No
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Starts/Ends: Argentina/Bonito Trailhead
Trails Used: Trail 39, trail 40
Backcountry Campsites: Yes
Backcountry Water Sources: Streams, Springs, Snow
Management: U.S. Forest Service
Contact Information: Lincoln National Forest
1101 New York Ave.
Alamogordo, New Mexico
(505) 434-7200
Best Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Users: Hikers, Dogs, Horses
Road Conditions: Primary Paved Roads, Secondary Paved Roads, Maintained Gravel or Dirt Roads
Hike Summary: This is a great long day hike or short overnighter. Water is plentiful in this area, which reduces your load and makes the elevation and steep grades easier to bear. The trip begins at the campground West of Bonito Lake, climbs almost 3,500 feet to the crest, loops East, and comes back down Turkey Creek Springs Canyon. There was a considerable amount of mining activity in this area, and much is left to see. Large herds of elk frequent the trails, as well as wild turkey. The crest makes a wonderful camping area, since you can see over 100 miles in three directions. Trail pressure is very low, except during hunting season. This hike is also not too far from town and doesn't require a huge drive. You can go up either Argentina or Turkey Creek Canyons, and come down the other. All in all, a great little hike.



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Trip Reports

  Date Rating Duration Hiker
Argentina Canyon - White Mountain Wilderness - June 12, 1997 June 12, 1997 4 stars 18 hours Oshow


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