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    Tips for Nude Hiking
    Have you ever heard of Nude Hiking Day? For those of you that have not, naked hiking enthusiasts celebrate Nude Hiking Day each summer on June 21. I first heard about Nude Hiking Day, when doing some research on trails and came across an article about it. I thought it sounded outlandish, yet comical to say the least. Imagine hikers strolling along in the buff wearing only a pair of hiking boots and carrying a backpack…casually greeting other hikers or asking how much farther till the end.

    We generally think of being well prepared when going into the wilderness and that includes proper clothing. But, there is a segment of hikers that enjoy hiking naked. They say there is freedom to feeling the natural breezes on one’s skin and being able to skinny dip without the worry of removing one’s clothes. Another benefit they say, is the ability to easily spot ticks because ticks hide in clothing making them more difficult to find. Seems to me, being nude would make it easier for ticks to find you, if you know what I mean. Hiking naked isn’t my cup of tea, but in case you’re bold and aren’t worried about being arrested for indecency, here are some tips for hiking in the nude.

    Start out very early in the morning and hike on weekdays instead of weekends. You’re less likely to encounter clothed hikers at that time.
    Folks hiking with children are less friendly to naked hikers. Hike on really tough trails in remote places to avoid scornful looks from parents.
    If you’re caught by surprise, act natural. Acting strange or diving for cover will scare people and make you come across like a real creep.
    Wear sunscreen or a hat. Hats are acceptable as long as you wear them on your head.
    Use an insect repellent because skeeters and ticks can make your hike less enjoyable.

    Happy Trails.

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