The Best Spots to Go Hiking in Patagonia

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    The Best Spots to Go Hiking in Patagonia

    Trekking in Patagonia is an unimaginable adventure designed to bombard your senses. You will really enjoy the stunning view of the snow-speckled hills, glaciers as well as the different panoramas associated with Patagonia. Patagonia travel is much more thrilling while you explore the natural treasures by means of Patagonia hiking. You’ll witness with your eyes why lots of people are raving about Patagonia. To make your life simpler during your trip, here I will discuss a few striking Patagonia trails you could add to your itinerary.

    W Trail

    Torres del Paine National Park is an amazing spot for trekking in Patagonia. You’ll be able to take the well-known W Route to be able to see and explore the region. The path forms the shape of a W, which provides its name. Trekking in Patagonia can be be extremely exhausting, but it can pay off with thanks to the incredible Cordillera del Paine, Asencio Valley together with the Grey Glacier. When going into the park, you’ll catch a peek at the mountains as well as the native creatures, such as condors and guanacos. As you go along the route, you’ll come across various magnificent vistas of the Asencio river area including the well-known Paine massif. All of these granite structures happen to be the most esteemed destination inside the park and you can go camping in the area. The icebergs of Grey Glacier are one of the features of Patagonia hiking.

    Ruta de los Arrieros

    There are a lot of off-the-beaten course tracks for trekking in Patagonia that you can consider. Ruta de los Arrieros is among the distant spots that will seriously impress nature lovers. You will be heading to the mountains and lakes and up to the splendid Futaleufu River. Pursuing the path you’ll make it to the lovely top of Cerro Teta. Going down the Espolon River you will encounter the appealing beauty of Azul Valley. Trekking Ruta de los Arrieros would be incomplete if you’ll forget the tough journey of crossing the lengthy bridge above the Futaleufu River.

    Fitzroy Trail

    Trekking Fitzroy trail will certainly connect you with one of the more spectacular parks in the continent, the Los Glaciares National Park. You can find above 40 extensive glaciers found while trekking in Patagonia on the Fitzroy trail, along with the world renowned forms of the Fitzroy Massif. The trekking will start at Fitzroy trail to Rio Blanco where you can unwind at the campsite Poincenot. When you keep going on the trail you’ll get to Laguna Los Tres where you will see the fantastic Mount Fitz Roy as well as Cerro Torre.

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