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    Hiking Gear and Gadgets

    Hiking is a great way to spend the day, the right hiking equipment must be taken along though, to ensure a safe day. This article will explain what is proper hiking equipment to bring along on a hiking trip. If some of these items are not brought along on a hike, the day may be miserable and short.

    The number one piece of equipment to bring along is water. The length of a hiking experience will determine how much water should be brought along. A hiker should bring along at least a gallon of water on any hike, that will quench personal thirst and any companions thirst. If water is not brought along during a day in the mountains, the hikers on the trip could possibly pass out, and they will become sunburned much quicker than a hydrated person.

    Sunglasses should also be brought along on any hiking trip. If it is a sunny day, there is no reason to put one’s eyes in jeopardy, wear a pair of protective glasses. The sun is much brighter up in the mountains where someone would hike at, it bounces off of rocks and streams. Also, the higher on a mountain that a hike takes it’s hikers, the closer they are getting to the sun. Even if a hiker is not feeling damage happening to their eyes, it is happening. So, if there is not a need to wear sunglasses for the whole duration of a hike, hikers should at least wear sunglasses for a portion of their hike. This will ensure that they are not receiving constant sun damage.

    Another great piece of hiking equipment to bring along for a day is sunscreen. Sunscreen will keep hikers skin safe and comfortable. Being burnt up on a hike can be miserable and irritating. Having sunscreen handy will not only stop a hiker from getting sunburned, it will also prevent fellow hikers from getting sunburned and ruining the day with their complaining. Anybody who gets sunburned and has to walk a great distance, will be cranky and in pain, and this will affect everybody.

    The last piece of recommended hiking equipment is good sneakers. Do not wear just any pair of shoes to the mountain. First of all, the shoes worn will get ruined. Don’t wear a pair of nice shoes that are not supposed to get dirty, because they will. Also, do not wear a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, a hike consists of more walking than a normal activity, and blisters will come from uncomfortable shoes.

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