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    The Ergo Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that parents love at first use. The Ergo by itself is made for babies older than 4 months but you have the option

    to purchase the easily insertable ErgoBaby Infant Insert Heart2Heart so that it can be used with newborns.

    This carrier may seem a bit pricy, but when you look at other options, purchasing products like the Baby Bjorn carrier at similar pricing will last you

    only a few months while the Ergo will last you years.

    Other models like Baby Bjorn’s carrier can’t be used past 20 lbs, give or take, because they become very uncomfortable for the baby and parent, but the

    Ergo can comfortably handle up to 60 pounds!

    The Ergo can do this because of its ergonomic design which evenly distributes the weight of the child, with most of the weight concentrated on the hips.

    This result is a carrier that is easy on the back, eliminating the backaches that come along with those other models.

    The adjustable waist goes from 27? to 45 but if need be, there is an optional waist expander that can be purchased, allowing the carrier to accommodate

    up to 54 inches.

    This carrier is compact, easy to put on and take off and can be worn front or back with very little effort switching it around. The only trouble you may

    have using this carrier is when you are carrying your baby on your front side, as the buckle clip is on your backside.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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