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    Hiking is a great physical and leisure activity that can be enjoyed by people of varying fitness levels. Statista documented there is currently 34.38 million active hikers in the U.S. alone, demonstrating the popularity of this outdoor activity as a pastime. But whether you are an experienced hiker that has an impeccable sense of direction and dependable instincts, there are still several mobile apps that you should consider downloading before your next adventure.

    Smartphones are the compasses of the 21st century.

    Owners and operators of mobile casino brand PocketFruity revealed that there were one billion smartphone users by the end of 2012, a number that’s said to surpass the two billion mark in 2016. The explosion in smartphone accessibility usage is all thanks to the advances in mobile technology, and now that smartphones are equipped with accurate GPS tracking capabilities, hikers can safely make their way through trails without getting lost.

    While you’re out there in the wilderness, you’ll need an offline navigation system because being connected to your 3G network will quickly eat up your battery, and it’s not like you’ll find any charging stations throughout your hike, nor will you have access to WiFi. For Android users, BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS provides of good selection U.S. topographical maps for $10. iOS users have a cheaper option with MotionX GPS since it only costs $1, but maps will have to be downloaded prior to the trip.


    AllTrails is a free app that will be good addition to your smartphone. It has over 50,000 guides for trails in North America and is the most popular reference for hikers with its more than 1.5 million users. With this app, you’ll be able to find various kinds of trails at different difficulty levels within your proximity. You may also track your own trails and share it friends and other fellow users.

    There is a wider selection of hiking apps that will enhance your experience with the great outdoors, but having these apps on your gadget is sufficient enough to turn your hiking trip to an amazing adventure.

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