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    A Portable Water Purifier is Perfect For Camping

    Camping is a regular activity for many people. It is good exercise and it presents an excellent opportunity to bond with others and appreciate nature at the same time. However, for a popular activity, it is relatively difficult to prepare for. For one, people have a hard time packing all their stuff into small hiking bags because not all people know how to pack efficiently. Another thing is that many people do not always agree on which things are more important to bring during camping. Some believe that clothes and tents should be the primary concern, while some say that food should be the first priority. Others think that water is the most important, so much so in fact, that they would even consider tugging along a portable water purifier for camping.

    For those who argue about the latter, there are two main reasons that justify bringing along a portable water purifier for camping.

    Space saver

    First, since around 60% of the body is water, water should be brought to replenish whatever gets lost. However, water takes up a lot of space, and space is not exactly a luxury that you can afford when going camping. Since adults are advised to consume an average of 2 to 3 liters of water a day, each person loses 2 to 3 liters of space for other camping essentials such as clothes and food in their luggage. What’s even worse is that this volume just keeps on increasing as the number of camping days extends longer and also as the terrain becomes more and more physically exhausting.

    Bringing along a portable water purifier for camping eliminates, or, at the very least, significantly decreases the volume of water that needs to be carried. In fact, some portable purifiers are only as long as 7 inches, which are no taller than regular bottles of mineral water.

    Unlimited Capacity

    Second, water is the primary treatment for a majority of wounds and injuries, so if an accident happens or some emergency comes up, the water you carry for drinking might have to be used. If that is the case, then your water supply will not last long enough. After all, even an experienced hiker will have a limit to the volume of water that he or she can carry.

    However, if you have a portable water purifier for camping, there is no need for you to worry about running out of water. With a portable purifier, you can make use of any fresh water source in the area including lakes, rivers and even puddles. It can also take care of pathogens and poisonous contaminants in the water.

    A portable water filter will help make your camping trip more pleasant and help avoid any water borne illness. After all, camping should be fun and you can’t have fun if you are sick!

    Jamie is a mother of three who enjoys fitness and the outdoors. She loves to go camping with her family and cooking outside even at home with her outdoor electric grill. She enjoys teaching others how to use their outdoor gas and portable charcoal grills so they can experience the joy of outdoor cooking as well!


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