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    5 Best Ultralight Tents for Backpacking

    Cutting pack weight is king on long treks and shedding some unwanted pounds with Ultralight tents seem to be the trend. Ultralight tents usually come in the form of a 1 or 2 person tent that is designed to be used for 3 seasons (omitting winter). The constant battle with ultralights is finding the lightest tent that has the most space inside, yet is durable and will stand up to high winds and tough storms. The requirements of good Ultralight tents lend them to have some of the most cutting edge materials and designs which in turn can lead to hefty price tags. I am an avid reader of Outside and Backpacker magazines, I have taken some of their suggestions on gear with great results. Here are some of the highly rated Lightweight tents for backpacking that I have discovered via those publications.

    The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1

    Weight 2.3 lbs

    Number of people: 1 person

    The Big Agnes fly creek series was a backpackers magazine editors choice. This is one of those Ultralight tents that really hit the nail on the head. It is has a mesh canopy that helps to cut the weight and keep the tent breathable so that you don’t get that unwanted condensation in the morning. It is a single door tent with a large waterproof vestibule that includes watertight taped seams. L86 x W42 x H38

    Sierra Designs Vapor Light

    Weight: 3.4 lbs

    Number of people 2

    The Sierra Designs Vapor Light tent is the current king of lightweight tents for backpacking. It was rated a best buy according to backpackers magazine and has the features to prove it. This tent has near vertical walls which add a surprising amount of space and headroom. Many lightweight tents have a tendency to be delicate, have weather proofing issues or can be a pain to set up. The Vapor 2 is simple to set up and one reviewer states that it held up to 20 mile an hour winds and even a couple inches of snow. L83 x W49 x H38

    Mountain Hardwear Helion 2 Tent

    Weight: 3.5 lbs

    Number of people: 2

    The Mountain Hardware Helion is the work horse of ultralight tents. this thing has been tested in 24 hours of pelting rain, over 1200 inches to be exact. You will never get wet in this tent. This tent is extremely stable in high winds because of the shape however that does cause you to lose a bit of head room at the tapered end of the tent. The all-mesh canopy reduces weight and provides excellent ventilation and the tall front entry with tapered foot maximizes livability. MHW’s patented Evolution Tension Arch provides strength when the weather turns nasty. Freestanding design ensures quick pitch. Guaranteed watertight construction. L86 x W45 x H41

    Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2

    Weight 3.6 lbs

    Number of people: 2

    Made with at 3 pole configuration it maximizes the frame efficiency however the aircraft aluminum makes the poles lighter than most. The Big Agnes Seedhouse has mesh upper and a construction that will hold up in even the most violent summer storms. This is a 3 season tent and worth every penny. L84 x W52 x H38

    Marmot Aura

    Weight: 4.4 lbs

    Number of people 2

    The Marmot Aura won Outside magazines gear of the year award in 2008 and for good reason. In my opinion this tent is yet to be topped. It has two doors with dual vestibules, the interior is seriously big enough for 4 adults to sit up and eat a meal in. The walls are near vertical so the 40 inch ceiling extends over the majority of the tent. This system has 4 ultra lightweight poles and has been reported to shrug off 50mph winds! L88 x W50 x L40

    For pictures, more in depth reviews and price comparisons visit Ultralight Tents

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