4 Ways to Break in Your New Hiking Boots!

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    4 Ways to Break in Your New Hiking Boots!

    Hikers have it good. They are in shape enough to get up and down a hill, or even a mountain with relative ease and discomfort. I was envious, until I kicked myself in the ass, and made myself do it. Now I love it, going at least twice a week. But when I got my new hiking boots, I thought I was going to scream. Nobody told me how to break these puppies in. So I put my head to the grindstone, and this is what I found. Hope you use them before going out in new boots. They can save a blister or five.

    1. Soak Them – This would be the way a cowboy does it. Put on 2 pairs of socks, one a liner and the other a thick wool pair, and then put on your boots. Step into a bathtub of warm water and stand there until your new boots are soaked. Now step out and say “I apologize” to your spouse for messing up the bathroom. Keep them on until the fit dries around your foot.
    2. Boil Them – Put each boot into a heavy-duty plastic seal-able bag, shut it tight, and the drop the two bags into boiling water for approximately two minutes. Be careful that the bags don’t melt against the sides or bottom of the hot pot. If the boots aren’t soft after two minutes, boil them some more, but never more than 2 minutes at a time. ONLY DO THIS WITH HIGH QUALITY BOOTS!!! Cheap boots are glued together and will rapidly turn into a bag of boot parts. Once they are soft, Again, put on two pairs of socks, as mentioned above, and put the boots on. Wear them until they are cool and dry.
    3. Stuff Them – Put warm, wet rags in them overnight. Upon waking up, put your boots on instead of your slippers. Walk them dry.
    4. Bake Them – Heat your oven to 200 degrees, put your boots on the top rack and then put in a tray of water on the bottom rack. Let them roast slowly until they are soft and moist. Put them on and wear them until they are cool and have conformed to your feet.

    Once your new boots fit the way you like and they feel comfortable, make sure you waterproof them. By doing this, you make sure the leather doesn’t dry out and crack.
    Happy Hiking!!!

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