Newfound Gap Road Closed Due To Landslide


Fortunately, we had no delays during our annual winter hike in the Smokies last weekend, but Newfound Gap is now officially closed per the Hiking The Smokies blog:

“A landslide along Newfound Gap Road near mile marker 22 has caused an extended  closure of the road. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has closed Newfound Gap  Road (U.S. 441) due to a landslide which undercut the road near mile marker 22  between Collins Creeks and Webb Overlook at 9:40 am. The slide is estimated to  be a 200 foot section of road extending 1000 foot down slope, but the full  extent of the damage is not yet known. The closure is expected to be in effect  for an extended period of time.” 

Normally it is snow that closes 441 but during this unusually warm January – but this time it’s mud.  That will make for a long drive around the Smokies but for the winter backpacker it should guarantee more solitude in the backcountry.  Enjoy it while you can…


More photos from the National Park Service of the mudslide:



Map of the mudslide area on US 441: