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Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine is the guide to outdoor sports, adventure travel, and literary naturalism in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is dedicated to informing active readers of the unbridled potential of human-powered sport in the Southeast, and it employs top regional writers, photographers, and artists to create what is widely regarded as the country’s best regional outdoor sports magazine. Loaded with some of the most scenic and adrenaline-inducing outdoor resources east of the Mississippi, the Blue Ridge Mountains annually host over 10 million outdoor recreationists. With so many heading for these hills, it’s not surprising that there’s a flourishing outdoor retail market to outfit them.

Redemption Rates

To make a request to redeem your points for Blue Ridge Outdoors, follow this link and and learn more about the redemption process. Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine is available via mail in the United States only. This offer is not available to members outside the U.S. For more information on points redemption for members outside of the U.S., click here.