New York Member Hikes

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  Name Difficulty Distance Rating Hiker
Slide Slide Easy 6.30 miles 4 stars Lindsay Nicole
Panther Panther Moderate 6.60 miles 3 stars Lindsay Nicole
Panther Mountain Panther Mountain Easy to Moderate 6.60 miles 4 stars Lindsay Nicole
Balsam and Eagle Balsam and Eagle Moderate 9.70 miles 4 stars Lindsay Nicole
Balsam Mountain Balsam Mountain Moderate 5.10 miles 4 stars Lindsay Nicole
Tifft Nature Preserve Tifft Nature Preserve No Answer 1.90 miles 4 stars haleyk
Phelps Phelps Moderate to Difficult 14.20 kilometers 4 stars Pgiguere
Blueberry Blueberry Easy 7.80 kilometers 2 stars Pgiguere
Porter Porter No Answer 9.00 kilometers 2 stars Pgiguere
Giant Giant Moderate to Difficult 9.70 kilometers 3 stars Pgiguere