Rooster's Profile

Name: Rooster
Level / Points:
800 points
I am a: Hiker/Backpacker - I enjoy both hiking and backpacking and have no preference
I go hiking: Once or twice a year
I usually go on hikes that are: Moderate to Difficult
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Country: United States
State: Georgia
City: Sandy Springs
Postal Code/ZIP: 30328
My Best Hike: Blood Mountain, Georgia - November 2002.
Best Hike Description: "Blood Mountain had a good vibe and great views when I did a solo hike to the summit early in the morning in 20 degree weather."
My Worst Hike: Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia - November 2002.
Worst Hike Description: "I froze my nards off during the night."
A Memorable Trail Moment: "Getting smoked like a salmon around a campfire on a cold night in the Chattahoochee National Forest."

Rooster's Hikes

  Name Country State/Province/Region Difficulty Distance Rating
Sope Creek Sope Creek United States Georgia Moderate 3.00 miles 4 stars

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