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Name: Glory
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750 points
I am a: Unknown
I go hiking: Unknown
I usually go on hikes that are: No Answer
Gender: Unknown
Country: United States
State: Indiana
City: Williams
My Best Hike: Grand Canon National Park
Best Hike Description: Once you hike the Grand Canyon you'll either swear you'll never do it again or you start planning your next GC hike. It to gets in you blood and in your mind and you can't wait to return. I enjoyed Bright Angel over S. Kabob because it has water shade. Hikeing to the Supai Villiage in the GC was a great hike.
My Worst Hike: Grand Canyon National Park
Worst Hike Description: Our Grand Hike: It was no way simply just a walk in the park. It was exhilarating and at the same excruciating exhausting. As much as I studied and tried to be prepared, I was not prepared for the heat and desert like conditions. Going he down the S Kabob trail was more difficult the Angel. No water and no shade on S. Kabob. The morningf of August 28 tempature was in the upper 60's afternoon in the canyon tempature 128 degrees. The heat made hiking very difficult and looking ack I should have craweled udder a boulder and took a nap until late afternoon/evening. Do not do that trail during peak sun hours! But having said al that it was an awesome hike and if I ever do that trail again I will do it at 3 am under the light of the moon
A Memorable Trail Moment: I have severel memorable momenst one being my " Thank you Jesus creek". Better know and the Bright angel creek in the G.C.NP. S. Kabob has no water and no shade and I was prepared as one could possibly be but I was not prepared for the 128 degree heat. I was sick and proably reaching the danger zone when I reach the creek at the bottom. I shedd my shoes and back pack and got in the water that surely ran right through heaven. I kind a religous moment. I now under stand how that creek got its name. Some long ago hike must have saw the same bright angel I did. Once you are near dead from heat and you experince a batism in bright angel creek you will understand the meaning of holy water.
Dumbest Trail Move: When nature calls on the trail you can't ignore it as must as you wish you could. I got as far off the trail as I could and figured I was safe to take care of business. What I had not realized was that I was right next to another trail. No more than 2 minutes after I got my britches up here came a boys scout troop. Those boys just about experinced nature that was not in thier scout book.
Trails That I Want To Hike: Complete the Appalachian trail.

Glory's Hikes

  Name Country State/Province/Region Difficulty Distance Rating
S. Kaibob up Bright Angel Grand Canyon National Park S. Kaibob up Bright Angel Grand Canyon National Park United States Arizona Very Difficult 16.00 miles 5 stars
Havasu / Supai Hike Havasu / Supai Hike United States Arizona Moderate to Difficult 20.00 miles 5 stars

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