Backpacking or Day Hikes ? Minnesota Superior Hiking Trail

Backpacking or Day Hikes ? Minnesota Superior Hiking Trail

Backpackers or Day Hikers are you looking for a new hiking adventure?  Then try this little known treasure of hiking along Lake Superior in Northeastern Minnesota.  This Midwest hiking trail is one of the top 10 trails in the nation.

Furthermore, the Superior Hiking Trail extends approximately 270 miles of footpath from Duluth all the way to the Canadian border.  It follows a ridge along the North Shore with plenty of scenic overlooks of Lake Superior, waterfalls, gorges, rivers, streams, beautiful wildflowers and abundant wildlife. 

Also, the trail is accessible from state parks, forest or county roads.  In fact, Superior Shuttle services are available to either hike to vehicle or receive a ride back to your starting point.  This service runs from May 21st through October 17th.  Other services include food drops, maps for sale, hiking recommendations and tips.  Reservations are required and at least 2 weeks advance notice allows plenty of time to communicate your intentions. 


Next, lodging options range from one of the 82-back country campsites to lodge-to-lodge hiking adventures, or hotels in area towns, to state park campgrounds and commercial campgrounds.  In addition, there are guided trips and guided day trips available along different sections of the Superior Hiking Trail.  Check out the Superior Hiking Trail Association website for more details.  There is no need to make reservations, no fees, or permits required to hike or backpack the trail.  You can even hike with your dog if you want, on leash of course.

Moreover, volunteers are needed to maintain and build the Superior Hiking trail with camp out work weekends available throughout the summer into September.  More information and signup for these weekends are available on the SHTA website. Membership is available to anyone and there is a store/office in Two Harbors that sells, merchandise, maps, hike schedules, detailed trail sheets and guides. 

Try something new and challenging and checkout this hiking trail in Northeastern Minnesota.  Happy trails!

Polly Mary J. Bowen personal trainer, educator, sports official and outdoor enthusiast currently live in southwestern Minnesota.  Ms. Bowen is the owner of Fun Camp Stoves a website, which provides quality camping stoves.  She can be reached at . Camping and outdoor activities have been a part of my life. Thus, the creation of Fun Camp Stoves website, in which sharing my passion with others who love outdoor activities.

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