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Country: United States
State: Georgia
Trip Date: 05/30/1998
Duration: 2 days
Trail Conditions: Fair to Good
Trail Traffic: Light to Moderate
Trip Weather: Sunny, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy
Trip Winds: Light
Trip Precipitation: Rain
Trip Temperature: High: 81-90, Low: 61-70 degrees fahrenheit
Trip Report: 5/30/98: Got up this morning at 4:30am and left Springdale to pick up The Ox at his parents house at 5am. Pratt lives nearby, and we stopped at his house, loaded up his Jeep with our gear (and his dog) then headed to the Cohutta Wilderness in northwest Georgia. Made a quick stop at Kroger for some last minutes supplies and got pelted by rain in the process then drove about 2 ½ hours to the trailhead at USFS 630. It took us around 45 minutes to make the descent to the Conasuaga River then we bushwhacked over a small ridge and dropped down to a stealth campsite along the river. We set up camp, fished for a couple hours then made some lunch in the early afternoon. I sacked out for an hour powernap, then woke to sunshine in the mid-afternoon. The Ox, Pratt and I took a side hike up the trail, swam in river and eventually made it back to the campsite by 4:30pm.

In the evening, we gathered some serious firewood, then Pratt and The Ox cooked dinner. I tried some fly fishing as the sun set but had no luck. Sat around the fire until 1am and hung out on rocks in the river to check out the many stars in the night sky.

5/31/98: Woke early this morning and packed up and headed out by 10:30am. It was a hot ascent to USFS 630, but it only took about an hour. At the Jeep, we took the top off and tied my pack to the roof for extra room. The ride back to Atlanta was sunny and warm so we stopped at DQ (per Pratt/The Ox tradition) and had a cheeseburger, chilli-dog, shake and fries feast. Made it back to Atlanta by mid-afternoon and I was pretty wiped out the rest of the day.
Trip Rating: 4 stars

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