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Hiking Video Sites

Every day more and more video is appearing on the internet and every day more programs are being produced to make use of these videos. You may well be producing your own videos and submitting them to free sharing sites to help promote your site, products and services. Other people submit their videos purely for entertainment with no other agenda.

All these videos can add great content to you site and you can even generate good websites and blogs purely on free to use videos. All videos can be categorized by tags and easily found at the syndication site by keying in the appropriate word. A general keyword like 'hiking' returned over 12000 results at YouTube as I write. Keying in 'hiking Maine' produced almost 100 results today, enough clips to add content to any site or blog about hiking in Maine. Similarly 'hiking Nevada' produced 127 and 'hiking California' produced 344 videos. So it would be easy to find content for a hiking video site.

Many websites have been using videos from YouTube, Revver, Google Video and other similar sites for a long time now. To have an automatic video site you needed to buy, or have made, a script that would utilize the API from these sites and pull in videos with the tags that you were interested in such as 'hiking Maine'. It is claimed as a fact that video based web sites receive way more traffic than any other type of web site.

Or you could add clips by hand to you website or blog which was a lot slower and obviously needed more time to consistently add content. There are scripts available that generate a blog or site, adding videos for your tag, but the quality of the site is... well, just awful.

Luckily better quality programs are being written and upgraded that generate sites that display what ever subject you want. If you have submitted your own productions to YouTube then you can tag you own user name to display your videos. Equally you can add a video site to your own site or blog as an extra service to you viewers and generate income from Adsense and affiliate products at the same time.

I have put together a video site at USAGolfVideos using a program that I recently purchased and a free template of the internet as a home page. The program that I used for the pages is real easy and quick to use. You can easily set up a new site in minutes using the templates as is. To modify your templates only takes minutes and is also real easy to do.

The program comes with all you need, including 10 templates and instructional videos to enable you to quickly and easily generate niche sites from the abundance of videos at YouTube. The templates come complete with built in AdSense and social bookmarking links.

Suppose you have a website or blog on 'skin care' and could do with some more content for your site. Searching on YouTube produces 1630 results for 'skin care' videos so you could quite easily add a page of clips showing how ever many videos you wish, say 10 or maybe 40. With a link from you menu bar your visitors can easily see the videos and there is every chance that they will be interested in the ads on the page as well.

This is an ideal way to produce a video site to accompany your present website or blog or to generate stand alone sites. What ever your involvement is at the moment regarding your website and video, the future is obvious so now is the time to move ahead and offer your visitors more video as I have just been discussing.

Bruce Walls is an author writing about internet video at WebsiteVideoGuide

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