Top 3 Spots For Hiking in Colorado

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Top 3 Spots For Hiking in Colorado

Hiking trips account for a large percentage of vacations and getaways, and for several good reasons. Hiking is an activity that provides physical exercise and allows one's mind to drift away from the troubles and stresses of everyday life and focus on what's right in front of them: nature. Whether it's a summer hike through Glacier Gorge Colorado to appreciate the waterfalls or a winter hike through Canyon Loop Trail, a sense of wonder and amazement is bound to set in.

Naming the "best" hiking spots in Colorado would be strictly up to the observer; as trails range from beginner to more advanced, perilous areas. However, here are my picks for the top three prettiest, most enjoyable trails for "getting away from it all."

Glacier Gorge

Length: 9.6 miles
Trail Type: Out-and-back
Top Elevation: 10,600 feet
Nearby City: Estes Park
Season: Midsummer through mid-fall.

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, you will see wildflowers and alpine lakes. Glacier Gorge is a U-shaped canyon that was carved by glaciers. Within a few feet of the trailhead is Bear Lake Branches to the right and thirty minutes in you will arrive at the first point of interest: a beautiful waterfall called Alberta Falls.

Longs Peak

Length: 14 miles
Trail type: Out-and-back
Top Elevation: 12,800 feet
Nearby City: Allens Park

Also located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak is actually the highest in the Rockies. Longs Peak boasts of the most climbed route of any fourteener route in the state: The Keyhole Route. This is usually a pretty busy trail which might not work for you if your goal is to avoid other people, but it can be ideal if you are traveling alone, since there will be others around to help if you need it. Tip: It's a long one so save your strength!

Devil's Canyon Loop

Length: 3.2 miles
Trail type: Loop
Top Elevation: 7,420 feet
Nearby City: Boulder

Devil's Canyon Loop Trail is a breathtaking sight. The painted canyon walls, red valleys and massive rock columns make this trail a must see. The Loop is full of waterfalls and sandstone cliffs and is colored with sage and juniper (making it a fragrant hike as well)!

Whichever trail you choose, your Colorado hike is sure to be a memorable one. Make sure that you are prepared with a plan, a map and adequate supplies for the length of your journey. Another tip: bring a camera so that you can share your adventure with family and friends when you get back home!

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