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Post by Tree Top Flyer » Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:12 am

I'm in the Army so I get to see a lot of the world and country every year. Most of the locations have something that really catches my eye. In South Ga it's the Spanish moss hanging off the branches of live oaks over a jet black river while alligators patrol the shore.

In Iraq, it's the diverse style of building homes, even the homes built of garbage from the dump has some sort of appeal.

Out West, it's the mountains constantly taunting me with the snowy peaks and mammoth glaciers or the vast canyons in Az.

Then I head home for a short break back home in Southeast Tn. We usually arrive in Tn after sundown so we miss out on the leaf colors. This morning when we woke up and walked outside with the morning's first cup of coffee all three of us stopped in our tracks. Our little hiker spoke first and said, "Wow!, look at the hills, they look on fire." He's right, the foothills of the Smokie Mountains have got to be one of the more beautiful places on Earth.

I cannot wait to get out on the trail tomorrow morning. It's going to be soggy and chilly, and gorgeous. There's no other place I'd rather be.
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