Pocket Survival Kit: When Hiking, Little Things Make a Big Difference

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Pocket Survival Kit: When Hiking, Little Things Make a Big Difference

I've been known to set off for a short hike, and find something interesting and meander all day.

You can enjoy the same freedom, if you plan ahead. This light-weight, ready-to-go checklist includes everything necessary to enjoy a short hike or a longer trek.

I carry the following items in the pockets of my cargo pants, but a fanny pack will work just as well.

* Compass

* Topographic map

* Notebook or paper and pencil (pens freeze)

* Plastic bags

1. heavy plastic garbage/leaf size
2. "Zip lock" gallon size and pint size - solar still, carry water

* Bandana - head covering, water collecting

* Mirror/Sewing kit - mine is a set

* Folding scissors - mine's on my key chain

* Dental floss - 100 feet at least

* Disposable lighter

* Firestarter - tiny tampon, cotton balls, lint

* Knife - I'm fond of my Swiss Army knife

* Magnifying glass

* First aid kit

1. antiseptic wipes

2. water purification tablets

3. pain killer

4. Epsom salts - 4-oz to 32-oz water

5. bee sting kit

6. sunblock - at least 30 SPF

7. bandaids

8. antibiotic ointment [in an emergency, smear this on firestarter materials]

* Small flashlight - I'm fond of my mini Maglite

* High energy bar - Larabar works best for me

* Thin gloves

1. Plastic MD office w/o powder - to carry water

2. Wool and nylon for hand warmers

* Bright color flagging tape - to mark the route

Check the contents weekly and replace whatever you use as soon as you get home.

JJ Murphy is an avid hiker covering 3-10 miles daily on her favorite trails in Harriman, NY. She shares wild recipes, nature education materials, and wilderness survival knowledge at writerbynature.com - Creative Content for Your Nature Endeavors.

Article Source: /EzineArticles.com/?expert=JJ_Murphy

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