Backpacking Sleeping Pillows w/ Glenn (aka The Helmet)

In this video, Glenn (aka The Helmet) shows us two camping pillows that are compact, lightweight, and suitable for the backcountry. You can follow this link for more information on backpacking sleeping pillows, or click here for more information on this hike along the Benton MacKaye Trail near the Toccoa River. … [Read more...]

Some Advantages of Lightweight Backpacks

As a backpacker, you can travel further and faster by packing lighter with lightweight backpacks. Many who have jumped on the lightweight bandwagon find they can wear light running shoes when carrying a 15 to 30 pound backpack instead of the heavy-duty hiking boots they must wear when carrying the 45 pound plus heavy-duty pack. This means that the backpacker can travel more miles in a shorter period of time and may even equate to a higher safety level. The comfort level is often greater because less weight means you will be less sore at the end of the day. Traditional backpacking has a few disadvantages that are overcome by using lightweight backpacks. First, when you backpack with heavy equipment, there is less freedom of movement. You … [Read more...]

How to Find Inexpensive Hiking Gear

I love hiking, I love hiking gear and I start getting pretty excited when spring is only a short while away and we can get into our hiking mode with more gusto. Admittedly I am not a lover of winter hiking for more than a day hike so I really look forward to the warmer weather, especially since we live along the Pacific Westcoast. I don't love hanging out in malls or shopping endlessly for clothes but put me in a camping, hiking and outdoor store and I feel right at home and my adrenaline starts rushing at the sights of new gear and gadgets. The smell of the latest and greatest, what new pot set has MSR got this year? What are the new features on the Osprey backpacks that mine doesn't have? Maybe we need more titanium kitchenware? But … [Read more...]

Video: How To Stay Warm in a Sleeping Bag

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Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being Attacked While Hitch Hiking

Security experts the world over agonise over threat assessments which they are asked to compile by anxious parents whose child or children are set to take a gap year out to tour the world. One of the first pieces of security advice I always incorporate in my threat assessments is security expert advice about the dangers of hitch hiking. Given my skills in this area, the owners of asked me to write the following article titled Security Experts Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being Attacked While Hitch Hiking by Mark Yates, The British American Security Expert at This is one of the areas of security where you can follow the first security tip in this list of Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being … [Read more...]