Episode 27: Superwoman

 In Episode 27 of the N2Backpacking podcast series, I speak with Niki Rellon.  You think you're tough?  Well she just might have you beat!  Niki's sports pursuits include professional kickboxing, ski instructing, cross-country cycling, thru-hiking, and currently a six month journey on the Appalachian Trail.  Did I mention that she is doing it on one leg?  Well now you know.In the podcast, Niki talks about her first ventures in to the outdoors, her hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, and the event that changed her life - a 60' fall that nearly ended her life (and made her an amputee).  Niki is now a week in to her A.T. thru-hike and took time from a rest area in North Georgia to speak with us. … [Read more...]

Appalachian Trail Virus Runs Rampant In North Carolina

There is a virus running rampant in shelters on the Appalachian Trail in western North Carolina. Not the best place to come down with a stomach bug!!!  No Business Knob Shelter   Press release from the U.S. Forest Service. Spokesman Stevin Westcott said he is unsure how long it will be before the virus subsides.  HOT SPRINGS — Hikers may want to avoid sections of the Appalachian Trail near Hot Springs, N.C., especially the stretch running north to the Tennessee border. A number of hikers have been sickened by a severe, 24-hour stomach virus that is being passed between hikers. Shelters to avoid include No Business Knob, Big Bald and Hogback Ridge. A section of the Appalachian Trail runs through the Appalachian Ranger … [Read more...]

Video Of Steven Ainsworth’s Helicopter Rescue In The Smokies

In early November, I posted an article about an Appalachian Trail southbound thru-hiker that was rescued in the Smokies after riding out Hurricane Sandy.  Steven Ainsworth battled record snowfall and survived for three days before calling 911 for help.  Here's footage and some commentary from the HuffPost on the helicopter rescue:   Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Brad Lund and his crew of three had taken to the air after park rangers on foot failed to reach Ainsworth.   "We have had numerous rescues on the Appalachian Trail, but these weather conditions were the most extreme in my 13-year history," Lund told HuffPost.   Lund, formerly in the Navy, described how conditions worsened between their departure … [Read more...]

Hiking With Kids – A Checklist Before You Go

Hiking with your children can be great experience for all of you, but it can also be miserable if you don't prepare well. Stave off grouchy kids with this checklist: Choose the trail carefully. Not all trails are appropriate for all ages, or all kids. A flat three-mile hike may be challenging but fun for your best friend's six-year-old and too much for yours. Guidebooks will often provide some idea of a trail's difficulty level, and park rangers are also a great source of information. Bring extra water. Dehydrated children are grouchy children, and dehydration can be dangerous. Kids have a tendency to spill their water bottles, so be sure you have backups and remind them to drink water regularly. Bring healthy snacks. Hungry … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being Attacked While Hitch Hiking

Security experts the world over agonise over threat assessments which they are asked to compile by anxious parents whose child or children are set to take a gap year out to tour the world. One of the first pieces of security advice I always incorporate in my threat assessments is security expert advice about the dangers of hitch hiking. Given my skills in this area, the owners of www.asecurityonestopshop.com asked me to write the following article titled Security Experts Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being Attacked While Hitch Hiking by Mark Yates, The British American Security Expert at www.asecurityonestopshop.com This is one of the areas of security where you can follow the first security tip in this list of Top 10 Tips To Prevent Being … [Read more...]

Beginner First Aid Backpacking Advice: This Could Be Life Saving

Paying attention to and using backpacking advice of a practiced backpacker is one of the most important things that a beginner can do. This is particularly true of first aid advice. It is fundamental that you be aware of first aid basics for backpacking. Even with appropriate attention and preventive measures, injuries can arise. If it is a big injury services may not be readily available, so it can be fundamental that you are aware of basic first aid. Even the smallest of wounds should be dealt with. By utilizing this backpacking advice, you can have a safe trip. The first aid kit is one of the most important objects you can take on your journey. Not only is it essential to have, but you should be comfortable with all of the items and how … [Read more...]