It’s been snowing a bit lately here in N.C. … [Read more...]

No XBox Permitted

No XBox, no iPhone, and no cell signal. Remember what it was like? Nice to get back to the basics once in a while. … [Read more...]

Meadow Campsite

Found this meadow campsite along the #AppalachianTrail last weekend near Franklin, NC. Great spring weather to be outside and #backpacking! … [Read more...]

Ghost Pack

This #Gregory #backpack looks like a ghost pack hanging in the trees this evening … [Read more...]

Episode 41 Recorded AT TrailDays 1995

 Episode 41 recorded at #TrailDays 1995 - 20+ years before Pox Holiday made it an annual tradition to interview #thruhikers in Damascus … [Read more...]

Episode 34: Pacific Northwest Trail “A Sense Of Direction”

In Episode 34, Alex "Money Shot" Maier talks about his film "A Sense Of Direction" which documents his travels on the Pacific Northwest Trail in the summer of 2015.  Alex chose the PNT for his first thru-hike (and first hiking film) to explore one of the newest trails in the National Scenic Trail system - which earned the status in 2009.  Only a few hundred backpackers have thru-hiked the 1200 mile trail to date, and all have had the fortune to experience the PNT while it is still in it's infancy.In the podcast, Alex talks about the early history of the Pacific Northwest Trail, the many scenic firetowers and peaks on the hike, life as a PNT thru-hiker, and his favorite (and not so favorite) moments on the Trail.  He also … [Read more...]

Episode 30: Camino de Santiago

  In Episode 30, we welcome Scott "Squatch" Herriott back to the show to discuss his film Wayfaring and his jaunt along the Camino de Santiago (or Way of St. James).  The trail starts in France and ends near the coast of Spain and was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during the Middle Ages. Starting in 1985, modern day hikers have increasingly followed the path - with over 200,000 "pilgrims" hiking the route each of the last few years.  In the podcast, Squatch talks about his adventures on the ~518 mile trail and offers up some suggestions for prospective thru-hikers. For more information on Squatch and his films, click here!  And watch out for his latest release,  72 Days In Iceland, which will be … [Read more...]

End of the road…

    End of the road on this hike yesterday near the river.     Lot's of rain here in Georgia and it shows!  #besthikeswithdog   … [Read more...]

28 degrees last night at Panther Creek. Even the dog needed a sleeping bag…

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Help The CDT! Time Is Running Out…

Continental Divide Trail is trailing the Ice Age Trail for $25K donation from Michelob. #VOTECDT  … [Read more...]