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Username: BirdShooter (Email)
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I am a: Backpacker - I prefer backpacking over hiking.
I go hiking: Several times a month
I usually go on hikes that are: Moderate to Difficult
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Zanesville, Ohio
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States
Zip: 30328
Biography: Thru-Hiker, Backpacker, Author (Best Hikes With Dogs Georgia & South Carolina) and frequent visitor to the backcountry - especially in the Southeastern U.S.
My Best Hike: Glacier National Park, Montana - July 1998.
Best Hike Description: "Great scenery, great campsites, and lots of wildlife."
My Worst Hike: Tusquitee Bald, North Carolina - June 1999.
Worst Hike Description: "It's a jungle out there. The lack of trail maintenance and June heat/humidity made it a brutal hike."
A Memorable Trail Moment: Denali National Park, Alaska - July 1995. "Walking into the side of a moose in dense bush in Denali."
Dumbest Trail Move: "Taking a harmonica on the Trail. You better play it well or you risk losing a few friends around the campfire."
Trails That I Want To Hike: West Coast Trail, John Muir Trail, International Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Long Trail

BirdShooter's Hikes

  Name Country State / Region Difficulty Distance Rating
Clingman's Dome Clingman's Dome United States North Carolina Difficult 1.40 miles 5 stars
Glassy Mountain Glassy Mountain United States Georgia Difficult 1.60 miles 5 stars
Panthertown Creek (Horse Site) Panthertown Creek (Horse Site) United States North Carolina Moderate 2.60 miles 4 stars
Rim Trail Rim Trail United States Arizona Moderate 2.20 miles 5 stars
Bambi's Forrest Bambi's Forrest United States North Carolina Moderate .75 miles 4 stars
Arizona Trail Arizona Trail United States Arizona Moderate to Difficult 1.20 miles 4 stars
Tusayan Ruins Tusayan Ruins United States Arizona Easy .30 miles 3 stars
Henderson Park Henderson Park United States Georgia Moderate 2.10 miles 4 stars
Sunset Ridge Trail Sunset Ridge Trail United States Iowa Moderate 2.00 miles 3 stars
Castle Rock Castle Rock United States Colorado Moderate to Difficult 1.40 miles 4 stars